ABOUT US - Who We Are


We are a Certified CGMP Manufacturer in Malaysia manufacturing premium grade skincare products that utilize mainly native rich plant resources with Avant-garde facilities.

To produce premium quality skincare products that mainly utilize native rich resources and species in Malaysia, like pomelo, palm oil, serai, ginger, chen xiang, bunga raya, rice bran etc and export to foreign countries that are fascinating about natural healing power of plants' world.

Our R&D always discovers what the NATURE provides us. Hence, we can say we are spendid in blending Nature Secrets with Avant-garde Technologies to create the finest and quality nature skincare with stunning results.

1) High Quality
      > Vegetal Origin
      > Pure & Natural, Carefully & Strictly selected by Skin Experts.
      > Undergoes strict clinical test & avant-grade technologies.

2) Extraordinary
      > Pure Essential Oils, Seaweeds, Anti-Oxidants, Vegetable extracts.
      > Fresh plant resources from native country with specific beneficial to skins.

3) Totally Safe & Natural
      > Microbiological tested & guarantee suits all types of skin even sensitive skins.
      > Do not contain harmful whitening chemical ingredients.




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