JF Beauty Group, a GMP Factory and an internationally known beauty corporation, is principally engaged in product R&D, manufacturing, marketing & distributing of premium skin care and body care products under the Brand name "Juliana Francoise" and “Biothyst” for both local and overseas’ markets.

JF Beauty Group is established in 1991. Currently, we have over thousands of beauty salons situated in East & West Malaysia selling our skincare & body slimming products. Not to mention Hong Kong, Pakistan and Singapore beauty market.

Right now we are looking for suitable distributors in Asia Pacific region like Brunei, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam to work together in introducing good quality skincare to all men and women in their own countries.

In Year 2008, JF Beauty Group has opened another arm in manufacturing Medical Grade HIGH TECH BEAUTY MACHINES for estheticians in local market and also at the same year export to Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan, Germany & Philippines.